Christmas On The Farm

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A Stan Original Film. 

Emmy Jones is an Australian author whose autobiographical book about life on a Queensland farm is snapped up by powerhouse publishers London & London. But the truth is, “Clementine” is actually Emmy Jones, a New York woman who based the book on her deceased mother’s journals.

When the publishers announce that they’re travelling to Australia for an authentic ‘Clementine’ Christmas before signing off on the deal, Emmy must race back to the old family farm, roping in her cousin David and his husband Miles to help maintain the ruse. One problem: London & London CEO Ellison London shows up with her handsome adult son Jack in tow - and if he remembers the night he met Emmy in New York, the game will be up!


Jennifer Notas Shapiro 

Ruthanne Secunda 

Poppy Montgomery 



Poppy Montgomery

Darren McMullen 

Nicholas Brown

Hugh Sheridan

Jeanette Cronin

Demi Harman 

Asmara Feik 



Christopher Weekes