Harrow: Season 2

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10x 1-hour drama series for ABC Australia and ABC Studios International.

The brilliant, unorthodox pathologist Dr. Daniel Harrow is back. After surviving an attempted murder, Harrow gets back to work solving baffling cases, all the while on a very personal mission that cuts closer to home than ever before. 

Season 2 of Harrow will premiere on Sunday, 12 May at 8:40pm on ABC. 

Stephen M. Irwin
Leigh McGrath
Michaeley O'Brien

Ioan Gruffudd 
Jolene Anderson
Remy Hii 
Anna Lise Philips 
Darren Gilshenan 
Damien Garvey 
Hunter Page-Lochard 
Ella Newton 
Robyn Malcolm
Grant Bowler
Faustina Agolley

Catherine Millar 
Peter Andrikidis 
Grant Brown
Geoff Bennett
Mairi Cameron
Declan Eames